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Why your property taxes are not getting to your schools

Viki Yamashita

commented on CONTACT US 2013-03-14 23:10:54 -0700
I am a teacher in Cerritos.

ABCUSD, where I work, has a strong Union / Admin. partnership (AFT) We have not had layoffs of any “Permanent” teachers for the last few years. (Some temp.s and Probationary teachers did lose their jobs.) Due to a lot of hard work, a big reserve that saw us through the first few years of the crisis, plus a lot of good faith negotiating our district has suffered far less than neighboring districts. Long Beach Unified, for example has issued hundreds of pink slips each year for the last three years.

While ABCUSD made many cuts to the budgets of programs and were forced to increase class sizes and take furloughs, our district honored a commitment to keep the cuts as afar away from students and educators as possible.

On a broad note it deeply saddens me that the profession I have dedicated the last 30 years to is being seen all across this nation as ‘expendable.’ It is so insulting that teachers and other public employees are being branded as moochers, sucking off the teat of big government. Big corporations, in contrast, seem to never be guilty of ever being too big.

The values in this country really need to change!


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