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Why your property taxes are not getting to your schools

Let Us Vote - Send your letters Here!


Let Us Vote is about urging your legislators to put an initiative on the ballot that would insure the local property taxes allocated to your schools get to your schools. Makes sense, right? But that's not what is happening. For the past 10 years, the state has been diverting the property taxes that were allocated to schools to cover the state's other obligations. Currently nearly $7 billion every year is diverted. Tell your legislator that schools need the same protections that cities, counties and other agencies (even mosquito abatement!) received from them in Prop 1A in 2004, that children need these local funds for their educations, and that these funds can't be used as a piggy bank for the state. They need to hear from YOU.

We are asking our state government to put this measure on the ballot (sadly, it cannot be done legislatively). This initiative does NOT raise taxes. It increases transparency, and is a good government measure. We cannot expect to ever get new funds to schools unless we have transparency. This measure does not cost anything and helps our state!  You can learn more about this initiative by clicking here or emailing us here. Tell them: we voted for you, now let us vote, too.