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Why your property taxes are not getting to your schools

Statewide Call

Join us this coming Tuesday, February 25, at 9:30, to catch up on the latest initiative news, find out how many signatures we have already collected, and share best practices and strategies for signature gathering at various venues!

Every day we have more volunteers, more engagement, more great news - thanks to YOU! Every signature we gather sends a message to Sacramento.  If you've been on the fence until now, it is NOT too late to join our team and be part of the solution for public education in this state and building our voice so Sacramento and the powers that be know that we vote for public education.

Dial (605)475-4700 Access 1009338#. 

If you cannot join, RSVP and receive the recording.

You've got to be in it to win it for kids!



February 25, 2014 at 9:30am - 10:30am
1-605-475-4700 Access 1009338#
Katherine Welch ·
James Brosnahan Cushon Bell Stana Milanovich Blake Lehman Hope Salzer Jennifer Bestor Suzy Pak Cinnamon Paula Ruth Burton April Raffel Katherine Welch

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Please RSVP: Statewide Call
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Join the statewide call and hear about the movement forward across the state to get this initiative on the ballot!
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Please RSVP: Statewide Call
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Please RSVP: Statewide Call
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