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2014 Initiative

2014 Initiative


Please go to www.YesForEducation.org for our 2014 Initiative Website

Over $7 billion dollars a year of local property taxes designated for local schools has been taken by the state to satisfy its obligations.  These are our local tax dollars apportioned to our neighborhood schools and community colleges -- and they are no longer a stable, reliable cash flow for local education.  And, in most counties, the taxpayers never know because it does not show up in county property tax reporting.

You can read our initiative here

Please email us here if you would like to get involved - we would love your engagement!

EOS filed this initiative to protect local school designated property taxes, and not allow them to be borrowed by the state.  We are near the bottom in per-pupil funding, and this tax grab adds insult to injury.  In addition, the California constitution expressly prohibits prioritizing other obligations before the education of children.  

Education is not even close to California's top priority.  We pay the price for that decision in so many ways - instead of an education with the promise of the opportunity of fulfilling work and the realization of their potential, too many of our children instead end up on the welfare rolls or in prison.  Is this the way to grow a bright future for our children and for California?

Our initative would STOP Sacramento from taking property tax revenues designated for local schools.

Ready to volunteer? Questions? It is going to be fun, challenging, AND exciting!  We would love you to join us on the ground floor.  Email us at [email protected]  We welcome your questions and engagement!

This initiative will...

  • NOT raise taxes or fees!
  • Make sure money promised to schools, gets to schools!
  • Stabilize and protect public education funding!
  • Help the neediest schools the most!