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Calif. Poll Finds Disconnect on School Cuts, Taxes

Calif. Poll Finds Disconnect on School Cuts, Taxes

Nearly 80 percent of Californians oppose $5 billion in so-called trigger cuts to state schools this fall, but only a slight majority of voters support the governor's tax plan to stop it, according to a survey of 2,000 voters released Wednesday..... 

Indeed, San Francisco parent Crystal Brown said she believes parents are tired of the annual scramble to find enough money for schools, relying on Band-Aids and temporary taxes to make due.

"I think people are tired of feeling that," said Brown, board president of Educate Our State, a grassroots organization that supports long-term solutions to school funding problems. "It can't be year-to-year, knee-jerk" reactions.

At the same time, Brown said she doesn't see parents rejecting the governor's ballot measure if it will protect schools from more cuts.

"I will be willing to bet parents will come out and support anything on the ballot to tread water," she said.

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