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Help California Shine Again – California State Budget Results in Parent Demonstrations Across the State

Moms LA - guest post by Teri Levy, Co-founder, Educate Our State

My child is a baby…

My child is in a charter school…

My child is in a private school…

Why should I care?

California, the golden state, is losing its shine. Sure we have the most incredible scenery, beaches and attractions; however, our public education system is imploding in front of our eyes and many people don’t seem to notice or care. The statistics are alarming – California, one of the largest economies in the world, is almost dead last in per pupil spending. We rank last in teacher or staff to student ratios. We rank last in librarian to student ratios. Did you know that drop outs from the class of 2008 will cost California almost $42.1 billion in lost earning wages over their lifetime? This golden state educates 1 in 8 children in the United States. That is 6.5 million kids. Yes, 6.5 million. Why aren’t we as citizens concerned? Why aren’t we outraged that the system is broken?

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Bubbles and Budgets: "This Budget Blows" Campaign Aims to Make a Pop March 15

What do bubbles and budgets have in common? On March 15th, they will be made analogous, when kids and parents stage a whimsical yet earnest protest against cuts to education funding in our state as a part of a campaign called "This Budget Blows".

Educate Our State, a parent-led movement to return public and government awareness to the importance of fully funding schools, is organizing a wide-spread campaign to gain media attention about teacher lay-offs and other hurtful cuts.  Local members and supporters are encouraged to organize events at schools in communities from Northern California to the border.  

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Altadena Elementary students to Blow Bubbles, Protest Teacher Pink-Slip Notices on March 15

Students and parents from Altadena Elementary School are participating in a bubble-blowing campaign on the same day that teachers are set to receive pink-slip notices for possible layoffs.

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"Don't Blow This Budget!" - Bubble Blowing Event March 15

On March 15, school children across California will be blowing bubbles at school drop off time, telling our state leaders "Don't blow it. You have the power to fund education NOW!"  The hope is to create more awareness about the crisis we are in regarding funding for Education in California.

Parents of children at Springhill Elementary in Lafayette, please meet us by the sign board in front school with your children by 8 a.m. on March 15, and be ready to blow some bubbles!

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Not on Our Children's Backs

Educate Our State President, Crystal Brown and Board member Kalimah Salahuddin interview on NBC Class Action about the current state of public education in California and California's State on going budget crisis especially in 2012.

Parents Join to Push for Better Schools

Some 100 members of a statewide movement learn how to lobby for funds and teachers.

November 13, 2011|Teresa Watanabe

Nancy Crop is a Palo Alto civil rights attorney. Cushon Bell is a Pasadena educational activist and former teacher. Teri Levy is a Los Angeles creative artist in fashion and photography.

But even though all three high-powered women are privileged to send their children to excellent public schools, they say they are haunted by the countless California children stuck at low-performing campuses. This weekend, they are giving up free time to train with 100 other parent leaders organizing for more school funding, top-notch teachers and a high-quality education for all students.

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California Parents Meet in LA to Organize

 Public school parents from different parts of the state are meeting in Los Angeles though the weekend to draw up a statewide ballot initiative they say would give parents a bigger role in education policy.

Organizers haven’t worked out many details about the initiative, except that they want it on next year’s November ballot.

Educate Our State co-founder Teri Levy says that’s so voters can "move a collaborative framework with teachers and parents and administrators to improve the quality of education, which encompasses teacher evaluation, student achievement and professional development."

The group operates independently of other large organizations, Levy says. She adds that about 100 participants are in Los Angeles to learn what it’ll take to carry out their goals.

The group includes the California PTA, Invest in PUSD Kids, and Bay Area education advocates in a list of "like-minded" organizations.


Education Advocates Demand More Public School Funding

Local education advocates bested the rainy weather Monday night and turned out en masse to the San Carlos School District Office on the campus of Central Middle School in order to show support for an effort to raise money for the state public school system. 

The organization Educate Our State hosted the function which brought a crowd of about 100 people, most of who were parents, interested in learning more about how the California education system is affected by the ongoing budget deficit, and what can be done to change it. 

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L.A. School Board, Union Still at Odds Over Budget

The district appeals to the teachers union to take six unpaid days off to help balance the books and save jobs. But parents hold rallies in support of the union, which wants no cuts.

While parents held rallies up and down California on Tuesday to protest school budget cuts, the state's largest school district appealed to its teachers union to agree to take unpaid time off to help the district balance its books and save jobs.

"We're trying to hold the house together," said Los Angeles Board of Education member Richard Vladovic.

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Hundreds of Long Beach Parents and Kids Attend Rally for Public Education

Hundreds of Long Beach parents, teachers and kids assembled at Longfellow Elementary School in the hot sun late Tuesday afternoon to bring awareness to the dire fiscal condition of California’s public schools.

Music blasted on the PA system in an upbeat atmosphere as attendees  lined up at the information booth to sign petitions and get postcards to send to their representatives; the cards demanded that public education get the funding that is needed to educate the largest population of students in the country.

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