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Wake Up and Smell the School Cuts

Forgive Patty Koel if she rants for a moment; she has a lot to say, and most of it is dire. “The last few years have been the most severe in terms of cuts that have entered into the classroom,” said the president of the PTA Council in Millbrae, a small community south of San Francisco. ”Last year we increased the class size of our kindergarten through third grade by 50 percent, from 20 kids per class to 30 kids per class. This year we’ve completely eliminated five whole days from our school year. The school days are shorter; we have lost the dean of students at our Taylor Middle School; we no longer have a director of curriculum; we don’t have money to do staff development training for our teachers; we have reduced access to many of our programs, including libraries, technology, music, summer school, and GATE education; and our teachers simply don’t have the  support that they need for the large class sizes without the instructional aides because they’ve been laid off as well.”

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Luke Perry Joins Rally at his Children's School

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry is using his star power to try and make a difference at his children’s school, Millikan Junior High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

The rally is part of a state-wide event dubbed “Wake Up California.” The event is a parent-led effort to unite people in support of public education at a time when school funding is facing cuts and large numbers of teachers are losing their jobs.

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Parents Rally to Protest Education Budget Cuts - Bay Area

Parents and other supporters of public schools will be gathering around the Bay Area today as part of a statewide campaign against budget cuts to education. The rallies titled "Wake Up California!" are being held in at least 20 places around the state today, including several in the Bay Area.

The protests are organized by http://www.educateourstate.org/ Educate Our State, a grassroots campaign that has developed as state legislators have proposed further cuts to public schools, which have already faced deep cuts in recent years.

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"Wake Up California" Rally

Parents fed up with years of cuts to public school funding will demand action from lawmakers at a 4:30 p.m. rally. The rally is part a statewide informational campaign by a group called Educate Our State. EOS is a parent-led, nonpartisan group that seeks to unite Californians in support of public education.

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Rally For Public Education

The school year is coming to an end. Do you know how many children will be in your child's class next year or if the teacher you think is a good match for your quirky kid will still be around?  I don't. Additionally, I don't know exactly what services my son is going to get as a part of his IEP.  These things haven't been settled yet because my child's elementary school doesn't really know how much money it is going to have to spend on things like teachers and services for autistic kids.  How about yours?

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Santa Barbara Teachers, Families Rally in Support

Santa Barbara parents, teachers and students rallied in front of the Downtown Post Office on Tuesday afternoon as part of the Educate Our State campaign, a push for more public education funding and support of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax extensions.

Polly Pelly, mother of Peabody Charter School students, helped organize the rally.

“It’s desperately sad we’re at the bottom of the barrel for funding,” she said, referring to California’s rank as 47th in the country in per-pupil education funding.

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Parents Rally to Improve Public Schools

 (San Diego) Parents from around the county, objecting to years of cuts to public school funding, will demand action from lawmakers at a 4:30 p.m. rally on Tuesday, May 24th at Park Boulevard and Presidents Way in Balboa Park.    

“California public schools are among the lowest funded in the country – it’s time to make education a priority again, not only for our children but for the future of our state,” said Fran Shimp, a parent of two elementary students and a volunteer organizer of the event.  Since 2008-2009, education spending, which represents 40% of the state budget, has incurred 60% of the budget cuts. In 2008-2009, California ranked 44th in per pupil spending (adjusted for cost of living).  

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Parents Rally at State Capitol for Public Schools

SACRAMENTO, CA - Teachers first protested the possibility of more K through 12 education cuts two weeks ago and now parents are heading to the capitol to show support for public education.

On Tuesday, May 24, parents in 23 cities across California will be holding rallies to support the state's schools. In Sacramento, the"Wake Up California" rally is from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the South steps of the Capitol.

Catherine Goddard, one of the founders of Educate Our State, says California's public schools are in crisis. "We are afraid our children will not have the right to a good, quality education, that's a huge fear, parents are very frustrated about that."

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Parents Rally to Protest Education Budget Cuts

Parents and other supporters of public schools gathered around the Bay Area this morning as part of a statewide campaign against budget cuts to education.

The rallies, titled "Wake Up California!" were held in at least 20 places around the state today, including several in the Bay Area.

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Protestors Rally in Redwood City to Support Schools

Hundreds of local education advocates rallied in Courthouse Square in Redwood City this morning in an effort to show support for the state's public education system and increase awareness of the dire condition of the state's funding crisis. 

Students, parents, local administrators and elected officials who joined together for an hour in front of the San Mateo History Museum at 7:30 this morning. Those who gathered waived signs, chanted, petitioned and spoke in favor of passing the tax extensions proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown to balance the state's budget in order to avoid cuts to the state public school system. 

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