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Lamorindans Rally for Public Education

A crowd of parents and pajama-clad children descended upon Lafayette Plaza Park on Tuesday morning to rally support for public education funding. The “Wake Up, California” rally attracted a crowd of more than 100 parents, students, administrators and teachers Tuesday morning. The crowd was gathered as part of a statewide effort to show support for funding of local public schools. 

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Rally for Education

Around 60 members of the Burlingame community gathered outside City Hall Tuesday morning as part of Educate Our State’s Wake Up California initiative, aimed at educating Californians about the budget crisis facing California public schools.

Burlingame parents teamed up with Educate Our State, a parent-led organization dedicated to high-quality education, for the rally, which was just one of more than 20 held throughout the state the same day.

California Education Budget Cuts: Rally in Sudio City

More than 100 parents and teachers held a demonstration at Ventura and Laurel Canyon boulevards Tuesday morning to protest state budget cuts for schools.

“I like to think of it as a rally, rather than a protest,” said Tina Raksin, who made signs and handed them to parents after they dropped their children off at Carpenter Community Charter School. “This is for education and to get people to educate themselves about what is going on in our schools.”

Raksin’s favorite signs said: “If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance” and “If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher.” The rally is part of the grassroots EducateOurState.orgmovement started by parents to unite Californians who support high-quality public education.

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Protests Over School Budget Cuts Planned Across Calif (video)

Protests were held Tuesday over planned cuts to schools across California.

Parents were the driving force behind the movement. They said they were fed up with pink slips and cut backs. They started a grassroots organization called Educate the State. Their goal is to get the message out to lawmakers that they need to wake up and start caring about public education.

Parents, students and teachers held an organized walkout at Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks to echo that message.

"We've been, cut, cut, cut, cut," said parent Aleta Braxton-O'Brien. "We cannot take any more cuts."

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Rallies Held in Bay Area Over Cuts to Education (video)

Rallies held in Bay Area over cuts to education. Supporters of public schools are rallying for a statewide campaign against budget cuts to education.

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Parents, Students Rally Across State For Education

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Rallies are happening across the state Tuesday to draw attention to the budget crisis facing public schools.

More than 2 dozen schools from San Francisco to San Diego are getting in on the effort, which was organized by parent-led non-profit Educate Our State.

As many as 300 protesters at Millikan Junior High School in Sherman Oaks waved signs and chanted "no more cuts" at passers by.

Schools Get Creative to Raise Needed Cash

Principals are kissing pigs. Kids are busking at BART stations, their violin cases open to collect cash.

And dog look-alike contests? Sure - anything to raise cash for classrooms.

These days, parents are thinking outside the bake-sale box to raise money for schools to save what most people consider basic to California education - music, art, libraries, books, field trips and even paper, pencils and toilet paper.

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Wake Up California Examples

So often, lately, we have been scratching our heads and wondering, “Why aren’t parents and community members rioting in the streets?”  The state of public education, and many other important public services is abysmal and instead of wondering – we decided – yes, good idea – lets riot in the streets, lets grab our lattes and our PJ’s and let California know – we want to Educate Our State!

Educate Our State is a parent-led campaign to unite the voices of Californians demanding high quality public education for every child in our state.  And, on May 24th, we plan to do just that – show how loud our parent voices can roar and wake up California.  Wake Up California is a statewide, multi-city event all taking place on the same day.  Here are a few examples of what is taking place to Wake Up California:

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Budget Cuts Rally Concerned Parents, School Officials

When Lisa Lindsay’s twins were ready to begin school, she thought seriously about putting them into a private school because of the state of the public school system, she said.  Ultimately, Lindsay decided to enroll her children at Longfellow Elementary School, and said she is glad she made the decision to put them in public school.

“I absolutely love the school and the district,” she said. “From the superintendent on down, I see that they are all so committed to making life better for kids.”   Because she supports public schools, she said she felt she had to do something about the critical funding situation the states schools are in. In the Long Beach Unified District alone, nearly $200 million has been slashed from a $700 million budget in three years. Those cuts have resulted in lost teachers, programs and entire schools.

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Carpenter and Walter Reed Parents Plan Protest

Parents at Carpenter Community Charter Schooland Walter Reed Middle School are organizing a rally along Ventura and Laurel Canyon boulevards to protest school budget cuts.

The statewide protest is being coordinated by Educate Our State

Walter Reed parents plan to collect signs and carpool to Ventura and Laurel Canyon boulevards, the busiest intersection in Studio City, and Carpenter parents will join them and also line up at the back of the school, along Laurel Canyon.