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Forum Addresses State's School Budget Crisis

Forum Addresses State's School Budget Crisis

Bake sales and band-aids are no longer the solution to California's public education budget crisis.

Challenged by a complex school funding formula few understand, the Parent Partnership for Public Education (PPPE) hosted an education forum on March 21 in Tauxe Hall at the Methodist Church to address the situation.

Four speakers, including Dr. John Deasy, Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), addressed the forum topic''Our Education Funding Crisis: How We Got Here and How We Can Fix It.'

The PPEE is a local group founded two years ago by two Pacific Palisades mothers, Amy Baker and Rene Rodman, who were concerned not only about their own children's education (at Palisades Elementary), but the rest of the state's children as well.

'California educates one out of eight public school students in the United States,' Baker said, 'and that my friend is a huge chunk of the future of our country.

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