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Garberville Rally for Education

Garberville Rally for Education

Join Southern Humboldt community members who care about children, education and the future of this state on Friday, May 16th under the clock in Garberville. Property taxes allocated to schools are not getting to schools, and it is not reported. We are asking the state leaders to put a measure on the ballot that will allow us to vote on whether this is how we want to run our state finances. Learn more about the measure here. Take 15 seconds and let them know you care here.

We are at the bottom in per pupil funding in the nation, and the top in per prisoner funding. Until children have a voice in Sacramento, policies will continue to be made that put children LAST.  By joining together and speaking as one voice, we are giving the legislature the power to advocate for children, and children the possibility to realize their full potential.  

Stop by for 30 minutes, or stay for the whole time. We need to wake up California to the fact that our children need an education NOW.


May 16, 2014 at 1:00pm - 3pm
Under the clock in Garberville
Cinnamon Paula

Will you come?