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Just 250 words

Just 250 words

Below is the Regional Cost Supplement Proposed Education Code Language

SEC. 28             Section 42238.02, subdivision (d), section (2) of the Education Code is amended to read:

(2) (A)  … <whole paragraph as currently exists> ….

(B)   Commencing with the 2019-20 fiscal year and for each fiscal year thereafter, the adjusted base grant in subparagraph (2) (A) shall be increased in counties where high labor, housing, and regional cost conditions prevail, to approximate a point where their education dollars have the same purchasing power as generally prevail in the state.  The total average daily attendance of all districts and charter schools in the counties included shall represent no more than 35% of statewide average daily attendance   The adjusted base grant for each school district and charter school in the following counties will be increased by the percentages shown, or as stipulated by the Legislature no later than May 10 of the year prior to the fiscal year concerned (for example, on or before May 10, 2020 for the 2021-22 fiscal year):

            Alameda County                   9.4%

            Contra Costa County            9.4%

            Marin County                      23.8%

            Orange County                     3.2%

            San Diego County                2.0%

            San Francisco County        23.8%

            San Mateo County             23.8%

            Santa Clara County            10.1%

            Santa Cruz County               3.4%

            Ventura County                    2.3%