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Catherine belt-vahle

  • signed Petition 2019-05-10 16:13:12 -0700

    Increase Education Funding

    It's time to bring equity to school funding!


    With the current public school funding formula (the LCFF) California districts in high cost of living areas that are not funded solely by their property taxes receive the same amount of money per student as districts in low cost of living areas. In some districts it costs more to live than in other parts of California - therefore it also costs more to run a school. As a result we have seen, for example, the following:

    • Teacher recruitment and retention is difficult
    • Class sizes are large and continuing to grow
    • Art, music, libraries and other "extras" are being eliminated due to budget cuts
    • Cuts are being made to transitional kindergarten 
    • The achievement gap becomes larger

    One solution to this inequitable funding situation is to revise the LCFF to include a supplement for school districts that serve students in high cost of living areas, without reducing funding for any other districts. [More information is here: https://www.educateourstate.org/impact] 

    Please sign below and support this effort! 


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  • donated 2014-08-26 11:28:38 -0700

    Fall Conference: CAMP EDUCATE 2014 Ticket Purchase


    When caring people like you stand together and speak in one voice, our students and our state will win. Thank you for being part of our effort to build the voice for students and for public education. Your engagement truly makes a difference.

    This donation to Educate Our State is not tax-deductible under IRS regulations.  

    You can also mail your donation to Educate Our State, 6114  La Salle Avenue, #441,  Oakland, CA 94610.  For questions or to volunteer, please email us at [email protected].