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Letter to the Editor: Redwood Times

Letter to the Editor: Redwood Times

Be the Change for Our Schools

To the Editor:

Tired of endless budget cuts to our education system, fundraising for teachers, and the never-ending donations we are asked to give all in the name of our children’s education? When does it become private school instead of public school? Can we really turn this around? I believe we can.

I have been part of the group Educate Our State (http://www.educateourstate.org/) for a while now. I really like their grass roots, parents-like-us, approach to improving California’s failing education system. We all know what the problems are - budget cuts, teachers, supplies, no nurses, limited electives and extracurriculars, funding, funding, funding. Let’s work together, within our community, and within our state to make real change to make California’s public education good.

We will be meeting at Juice Jungle to discuss our options and how each of us can really make a difference. For more information please contact Cinnamon 223-0165 or [email protected]. I will also post handouts and such available to download on www.southernhumboldtkids.com after our meeting.

Cinnamon Paula