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Where you can take life in the UK test

Where you can take life in the UK test

Life in the UK test is an essential part of the application process. When you apply to be a permanent resident or citizen of the UK, you must pass this test. It's mainly, but not limited to the topics, about the culture and daily life in the UK. 

Many reasons why people wish to be UK citizens. Most of the time, they are already a resident there through work or school and wish to make it permanent. Therefore, the UK government set up a test to vet the applicants. 


Who is Eligible for the Test

Everyone applying for citizenship is eligible for the life in the UK test. However, it has several restrictions that you must adhere to.

The first restriction is age. You can't be under 18 or over 65 years old. If you are in those age categories, you don't have to take the test anymore. The same goes with if you have taken and passed the test before.

If you're suffering from a long-term mental or physical condition, you still can take the test if you supply the center with the necessary documents.

One of the documents you need to supply is your ID, preferably with a photo such as a valid passport or other travel documents. You also need to show your debit card and book your test online. Take notice that you need to book your test three days in advance.


Where to take the test

There are about 30 test centers across the UK where you can take life in the UK test. You can choose which center to take the test. All centers will provide the same service.

Make sure that you understand when the center is open and choose the nearest test center where you live. You need to come in person to take the test. Don't forget all the necessary documents, including the letter from your doctor if you have any disabilities.

Remember that you cannot be late or miss the appointment altogether. If you're feeling under the weather on the day, you can call the center to reschedule or cancel your test.

If you cancel your test within three days before your designated date, you are eligible for a refund. But if you cancel in less than three days, you will not receive a refund and still have to start the booking process again.

The test has 24 questions that you must complete in 45 minutes. While some people may find this easy, it can be difficult if you don't come prepared. But don't worry, there are methods and people that can help you pass the test. Some even guarantee that you will pass the life in the UK test with the highest score.

Now you know where you can take the British citizenship test. You better start preparing by booking your course to get a gist of the questions you will see at the actual test. The score that you need to pass is 75%. But of course, there's nothing wrong with passing the test in flying colors.

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